Electronic Logbook

Sailserver automatically makes a logbook each time you go sailing.
Sailserver is logging your position, speed and course.
If Sailserver is connected to the boat instruments, it can also log wind speed, wind angle, speed through water, water depth, water temperature and other datas given from the instruments.

Monitor you boat online

When you are on shore, you can keep an eye on your boat and feel safe.
Get warned when there are any changes in position, wind speed or water depth.

Share your sailing

Share your position, and your friends or family can follow you online.
If you want privacy, your position can be delayed 48 hours or hidden.

Connect with other sailors

Find and connect with your friends, who also have a Sailserver on board.
See who is out sailing, and where they are.

Sailserver Clubhouse

In the Sailserver Clubhouse you can see other sailors near you, who also has entered the Clubhouse to meet new friends.
You can always leave the Clubhouse to get your privacy.


Your position, tracks and all data logged by Sailserver can only be seen by you.
You can choose, to share your live position, or your tracks to your friends.
You can choose, to delay your position and tracks by 48 hours.

Other users can search for your boat or your name.
You can choose, that other users can't search for your boat, or for your name.

If you enter Sailserver Clubhouse, you only share your current position, boat name, home port and your name, as long as you are in the Clubhouse.

How does Sailserver work?

Sailserver has a build-in GPS receiver, and as soon as it is powered up it will start logging position, speed and course.

Connect Sailserver to the boat instruments and it can also log data given from the instruments.
Sailserver can be connected to modern instruments with NMEA 2000, or classic instruments with NMEA 0183 or SeaTalk interface.

All the data is saved in the Sailserver, and as soon as it is connected to the Internet, it will send all the logged data to sailserver.com.
Sailserver can be connected to the Internet, either via the built in 3G modem (requires SIM card), or via Ethernet to an onboard router with Internet access, or via BlueTooth to a Smartphone with Internet access (Sailserver App under development).

Log into sailserver.com and register your Sailserver. Now you can view all your sailing trips with details online, share it with your friends or even monitor your boat when you are on shore.


Technical Specifications

Physical Specifications Dimensions: 130 x 80 x 29mm
Weight: 140g
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 7-17V
Max Power: 1.5W
Typical Power: 1.1W, 90mA at 12V
GPS Yes with internal antenna
Boat instrument Interfaces NMEA 2000
NMEA 0183 (1 RS485 input)
Internet Interfaces Mobile network with SIM card
Bluetooth to Smart phone
Antenna Interfaces SMA connect for Mobile network
SMA for extenal GPS antenna
Data log 60MB, Up to 50 days of 24 hours sailing