Join the community

Check into the clubhouse and meet new sailor friends

Sailserver allows you to expand that sense of community which for many is part of the joy and value of boating life. Simply check into the virtual clubhouse and meet other like-minded individuals while you are in port.

When you enter the virtual clubhouse, you will be able to see which boats are nearby and you can see your own boat as well. Your boat is only visible to others while you are in the clubhouse.

The purpose of the clubhouse is to meet new sailors, so don’t be surprised if you get invited onto the boat next door!

With a Sailserver you will get

Automatic logbook
Sailserver automatically records your journey in a detailed logbook

Anchor Watch & Monitoring
The Anchor Watch function monitors your boat when you are not on board

Share your trips
Invite friends and family to follow your sailing trips

Meet fellow sailors
The clubhouse function allows you to meet fellow sailors