Recall and share your sailing trips

Automatically generated online Logbook

Each time you go sailing, Sailserver will start logging position, speed, course, wind speed, water temperature and other data from your boat instruments.

All your sailing trips can be reviewed and analysed at anytime on mobile or web.



Explore details about your sailing

Sailserver connects to your boat instruments

Sailserver shows a detailed logbook with data from your boat instruments. You can see historical data, as well as live data from your boat instruments when you are ashore.



Feel safe when away from your boat

Real-time access to actual boat instrument data, position and weather

Leave your boat at anchor, and keep peace in mind that the anchor is not dragging.

Get warned when there are any changes in position, wind speed or water depth.



Connect with your friends and meet new sailors

Community and Clubhouse functions

Sailserver brings more fun when you connect to your sailor friends. Share your passion for sailing. Meet new sailors in the Sailserver Clubhouse. When you enter the Sailserver Clubhouse, you can see boats near you, and they can see your boat. Friends