Automatic Logbook

Sailserver keeps an automatic logbook each time you head out to sail. The logbook can be viewed online and is always up to date.

Anchor Watch and Monitoring

The Anchor Watch function monitors your boat when you are not on board. You can set up alerts which let you know if your boat begins to drift, if there are any changes to the water depth or if the wind begins to pick up.

Sailing friends and clubhouse

With Sailserver, family and friends will be able to follow your sailing trips while the clubhouse function allows you to meet fellow sailors each time you arrive at a new port.

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Relive your adventures on the open seas

Each time you go sailing, Sailserver automatically records your journey in a detailed logbook. The logbook is stored on the cloud and is always both up to date and available to access online. It can connect to the instruments on board your boat in order to log information such as speed through the water, heeling, wind data, water temperature, weather, fuel consumption and much more. The logbook interface provides a clear overview which makes it easy to find sailing trips, bring up details and add notes.

Go carefree ashore while Sailserver monitors your boat

With Sailserver installed, you can go carefree ashore while it keeps a watchful eye on your boat. You will get a notification on your phone if the wind conditions or water levels change or if your boat begins to drift. So relax and enjoy your adventures on land when at anchor.

And when your boat is in port back home, you won’t need to worry yourself unnecessarily about any changes in the weather. Simply check your phone and see exactly what the instruments on your boat are showing.

Check into the clubhouse and meet new sailor friends

Sailserver allows you to expand that sense of community which for many is part of the joy and value of boating life. Simply check into the virtual clubhouse and meet other like-minded individuals while you are in port. When you enter the virtual clubhouse, you will be able to see which boats are nearby and you can see your own boat as well. Your boat is only visible to others while you are in the clubhouse. The purpose of the clubhouse is to meet new sailors, so don’t be surprised if you get invited onto the boat next door!

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Easy installation and no subscription

We have developed Sailserver so that it is simple and easy to install.

In most cases, it is as easy as plugging in and getting started, without the need for any tools whatsoever.

When the power is turned on, your Sailserver device will begin to log your sailing trips and there is no need for a subscription.

We have installed a SIM card on your Sailserver which includes a mobile Internet subscription that will last for at least ten years across most of the world and throughout all of Europe.

Sailserver connected to the NMEA 2000 network

Sailserver not connected to the boat’s instruments

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What do our customers think?

We have one installed and it is just terrific.

When it loses coverage, for example between Zealand and Bornholm, it updates as soon as there is coverage again.

Really cool that your family can follow along from home.

All in all, a super cool product.

It’s not every year we get to sail around the Caribbean, and Sailserver is a fantastic way to document our trip so that we can always relive our experiences and share them with our friends and family at home. At the same time it also provides us with the perfect automated logbook.

Getting the boat kitted out and prepared for the trip was a mammoth task, so it came as quite a surprise to discover just how easy it is to install Sailserver.

A wonderful product and easy to install. Many thanks. Just plug and play.

Mega great product.. 💪 👍

Super smart. Can only be recommended and at a very reasonable price.