Sailserver Aps

Ellegårdvej 36
6400 Sønderborg
Tel: +4573420220
CVR: DK29448345

From one sailing enthusiast to others

Sailserver was invented and designed by engineer Jørg Ulrich Hansen who is a specialist in making controls for machines which connect to the Internet in cloud solutions. He is also a passionate sailor and has won Danish and Norwegian championships in both 470 and 505 dinghies.

The idea for Sailserver came about when Jørg Ulrich Hansen began to go sailing with his family. He built a prototype of Sailserver which he continued to develop and which today is a unique and automatically updated logbook that can connect to the other instruments on the boat and to the Internet. It has additional features so that friends and family back home can follow the trip and it is equipped with an anchor watch feature to monitor the boat when there is nobody on board. The final version also includes a clubhouse function so that sailors, like Jørg Ulrich Hansen and his family, who want to meet other sailors at port can easily find each other.

Sailserver is continuously being developed and updated with new features which are always based on the core idea behind Sailserver - memories, peace of mind and foster community.