Get started

Getting started with Sailserver is both quick and easy and in the vast majority of cases you will be able to carry out the installation yourself – even if you aren’t overly familiar with technology. Installation is typically as simple as connecting your Sailserver to an available port on your boat using the cable provided.

Sailserver can be connected to most instruments, both old and new. That way, data from the instruments on your boat will also be recorded in the logbook.

If you choose not to connect your Sailserver to the instruments on your boat, Sailserver will use its internal GPS to record data.

Read more about how to install Sailserver here:

Create an account

Once Sailserver is installed, you will need to create an account.

Select LOGIN from the menu at the top of the page and follow the instructions which appear on screen.

Once logged in, the next step is to link Sailserver with your boat. You can find out more about this by clicking on Installation above.

Once your account has been created, you can then choose to use our Sailserver app for Android or iOS.

Get to know your Sailserver

Once you are logged in as a user on Sailserver – either via your computer or your phone – the dashboard will be the first thing you see.

At the top of the screen is an icon which brings up pages with more information about the weather, your user profile and your boat’s data.

At the bottom of the screen there are five icons which can be used to bring up the five most used pages.


The dashboard gives you an overview of current data from your boat’s instruments and about position and weather – both when you are sailing and when the boat is stationary. When your boat is stationary, you can also see the last trip that was taken on your boat.


Here is where you can find your logbook containing all the trips you have taken with totals and averages sorted in a calendar. You can search for a specific trip in order to see the details recorded for it or to add your own notes about the trip.

Anchor Watch

The Anchor Watch function keeps an eye on your boat when you are not on board. When the Anchor Watch is activated, you will receive a notification via the app on your phone, by email or by SMS if your boat moves position or if the water level of weather conditions change.


On this page you can search for other boats which also have Sailserver installed. You can send friend requests to other boats or simply opt to 'follow' them. You are free to choose what others can see about your boat and whether or not they can search for you.

The clubhouse

When you enter the virtual clubhouse, you will be able to see boats nearby and you can see your own boat as well. Your boat is only visible to others for so long as you are in the clubhouse. The purpose of this function is to meet other sailors.