Sailserver keeps a logbook from all your sailing adventures, and stores them on the internet. This also makes the Sailserver the best Anchor Watch available on the market, because unlike the other Anchor Watch apps on your phone, it stays on your boat to monitor the conditions, even if you go ashore.

Because the Sailserver is connected to your boat instruments, and saves all the data they collect, you have easy access to them via the Sailserver app, wherever you are. You can share them with friends and family. With the Sailserver app you can keep an eye on your boat at all times.

How to enable the Anchor Watch

The first thing is to make sure that the sailserver is powered on and connected to the Internet. Open the Sailserver app on your smartphone, and make sure you have selected your own boat. 

In the upper left corner the status of your Sailserver is shown below the name of your boat. The status can be Offline, Online, Moored or Sailing. To use the Anchor Watch, the status should be Moored.

Activating the Anchor Watch:

  • Select the Anchor Watch icon at the bottom of the screen in the app.
  • Select the blue Enable button on the screen.
  • When the screen opens you will see the current values of the different alarms.
  • Select the Setup button to adjust the values and choose witch alarms should be activated.
  • You can now set the following alarms: Alarm if drifting, Alarm if strong wind, Alarm if change in water depth.
  • Adjust the values to fit your needs.
  • You activate each alarm by placing a check mark on the left side of each option.
  • When you are done, put in a phone number so you can receive a text message in case your phone loses data connection.
  • Select the Save button to activate the alarm(s).
Before you go ashore, you should test that it is possible to send alarms to your smartphone. When you select the Test button, a dialog box will appear where you have to confirm the sending of a test alarm.

You should receive 3 notifications, 1 by email to the account you signed up with, 1 as push notification in the app, and 1 as a text message. We send 3 messages to make sure that you get notified, if the alarm is triggered.

When you have done the test and are ready to go, select the Drop Anchor button to reset the current anchor position of your boat.

What to do if I get an Anchor alarm

How you react to the alarms is up to you, but it also depends on what kind of alarm is triggered.

If you get an alarm for drifting, naturally you would return to your boat to secure it. When you have secured your boat, you select Reset Alarm, and Drop Anchor to start over on the drifting alarm.

If you get an alarm for increased wind speed, it could be that the data was collected just as the wind was at it absolute highest value, and you want to wait and see if the wind speed is really going up. In this case you would select the Reset Alarm button, so that if it happens again, you will get a new alarm notification.

If you get an alarm for change in water depth, you would want to return to your boat, especially if you are located in an area where there is a huge difference in the tidewater levels. If you are familiar with the waters you might choose to reset the alarm and see what happens instead.

NOTE: If you leave your boat with the Anchor Watch enabled, please check your phone every once in a while to make sure it is connected to the network. If you are located in a zone where there is no mobile network coverage, you will not get any alarms from the Anchor Watch.