How does Sailserver get its information for the logbook?

Sailserver gets information about your boat’s position, course and speed from its built-in GPS. Your sailing trip is logged continuously on your Sailserver and when there is Internet coverage, the logbook is automatically uploaded to where you can access it. If you connect Sailserver to the other instruments on your boat during the installation process, then it will also retrieve logbook data from these sources as well. This might include details on fuel consumption, for example. The server retrieves place names and weather data itself and records this information in the logbook automatically.

How does Sailserver access the Internet?

Sailserver has a built-in mobile network modem and comes with a prepaid SIM card which provides access to the Internet for more than ten years. Data consumption is around 20 MB per month if your Sailserver is switched on around the clock. Sailserver can also be connected to a WiFi router with Internet connection.

Can I use Sailserver regardless of what phone I have?

Yes, you can log in via a web browser on your PC or mobile. We also have an app for Android and iOS devices.

Can I install Sailserver myself?

In most cases, installing Sailserver is a very simple process which only requires you to connect the Sailserver device to an available port/socket on your boat using the cable provided. But no rule is without exception. If you have instruments with different connector type, you will be able to find most of the connectors and cables needed on our webshop. Sailserver also works even if it is not connected to your instruments. Simply connect to 12V power supply from your boat’s fuse panel.

Does Sailserver work all over the world?

Yes, Sailserver can be used worldwide and will automatically transfer your data to the logbook wherever you have mobile coverage. That is in more than 150 countries across the globe. You can see information about coverage in different countries here: If you sail in a place where there is no coverage, your trip will still be logged and stored until the data can be transferred. Sailserver can store months’ worth of sailing data without access to the Internet. However, the Anchor Guard function only works when you have access to the Internet. Sailserver can also be connected to a router via an Ethernet cable.

How can I be sure that the data uploaded to Sailserver can only be seen and used by me?

Under your user profile you will find a page with privacy settings. Here you can select who and what information others can see about you and your boat and select whether you want you and your boat to be searchable. Under the default setting, others will be able to search for your name and your boat but they will not be able to see your boat’s location. You can also give permission for your boat’s data to be sent to services such as TracTrac, Marinetraffic and Vesselfinder, for example. Your data will never be shared with others unless you first give your express permission for this via the settings.

What happens to my data if the server crashes?

All data is stored on our cloud server and back-ups are made continuously to another server. The servers are monitored and well secured against unauthorised access by external parties. If we need to restore data from a back-up, the server will automatically retrieve updated data from your Sailserver so as to ensure that data are not lost.

Can I use the logbook without using any of the networking/community features?

Yes. When you create your profile, you will have the option to select what information you want to share. Including the option not to share any data at all. You can change the settings you have specified in your profile at any time. You can do this simply by logging on to your personal page via our website or using the app.

What happens if my Sailserver does not have access to the Internet?

All your trips will be saved in Sailserver until the device is able to connect to the Internet. Your data will then be uploaded automatically to Sailserver can store months’ worth of sailing data without access to the Internet.

What do I do if I sell my boat?

If you sell your boat with the Sailserver installed, please unlink the Sailserver from your account. The new owner can then link the Sailserver to his own account, and start a new logbook. Your logbook will not be affected, when the Sailserver is unlinked.